Value Transmission: Quality Transmission Repair and Servicing for Niles, Illinois

For nearly 25 years, Value Transmission has served the needs of thousands of satisfied Niles, Illinois customers for their automatic and manual transmission servicing, repair or complete re-build needs.

If you need a simple transmission flush for your Lexus or BMW, a manual transmission rebuild for your Saturn or Buick or the best transmission repair for your pampered 1956 Cadillac, we have the staff and the experience to take care of your problem. In fact, our transmission servicing specialists have more than 100 years of combined experience working on every kind of manual or automatic transmission you can imagine. You wouldn’t believe what sometimes drives into our shop!

Value Transmission’s work covers three areas:

  • Transmission servicing – servicing includes a complete inspection, filter and fluid replacement or transmission flush.
  • Transmission repair – repairs include replacing seals or most any type of manual or automatic transmission service regardless of the make or model of your vehicle. For example, if you have automatic transmission slippage, we can easily work to correct that problem.
  • Transmission rebuilding - We can take your transmission and completely re-build it with new OEM parts. We offer a nationwide warranty on all of our rebuilds and repairs and our work always exceeds the warranty.

Value Transmission: the Company Niles trusts for the Best Transmission Service

Our mission statement is pretty simple: always aim to be the best automatic and manual transmission service and repair company in Niles, Illinois. Everything we do is focused on that goal. We believe in performing quality, dependable work at a fair price. When Value Transmission quotes a price on transmission servicing or repair, the price we quote is the price you pay. There are never up-charges and never any unexpected extras.

For more than 20 years, we have been members of the Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG). Our professional and experienced technicians are top-notch because they have been trained to be the best.

We have been proud to be the best transmission repair service for Niles. We are a family owned company and our family name is in everything that we do. We work hard each day to maintain that reputation. Thank you, Niles for your business and continued support.