Transmission Services

Although your vehicle may have a powerful engine, there has to be a source propelling your driving mechanism so your car will actually move. A transmission, defined the simplest way, is the connection between your driving mechanism and your engine, allowing your wheels to move in one direction or another. In an automobile, you have two different types of transmissions: an automatic transmission, which moves between gears 'automatically', and a manual transmission, which needs the assistance of the vehicle operator to shift between gears. Without a transmission, your car simply will do nothing but take up space as your car cannot move without something powering your wheels.

Value Transmission Service Areas

Value Transmissions, a dedicated member of Automatic Transmission Service Group (ATSG), knows transmissions inside and out. We are a full-service transmission service shop that offers the following transmission services to its customers:

  • Transmission servicing - includes inspection and filter and fluid replacement.
  • Transmission repair - replacing seals that may be worn out
  • Transmission rebuilding - We take your transmission and build it with new OEM parts

Our experience in transmission service and rebuilding, added to our exceptional customer service and nationwide warranty on our repairs, make Value Transmission your Chicagoland one-stop transmission shop as we have been for Skokie for 24 years and counting. Whether it's automatic transmission service, manual transmission repair or you simply need a transmission flush, Value Transmission is there for your every transmission need with professional and courteous service every day.

Transmission Warning Signs

Before any type of automatic or manual transmission repair can occur, you'll probably want to know when your transmission is having problems. Here are some basic automatic and manual transmission problems that can occur along with signs that you need immediate transmission repair:

Automatic transmission slippage: 'Slipping' while your transmission is shifting gears could potentially be dangerous for you and your vehicle. If you hear excessive noise when shifting gears, your engine feels like it's losing power, your RPM gauge is going really high when taking off or you are being delayed when accelerating, you are experiencing slippage. This generally happens when fluids are too low or leaks are found in your transmission. Your car needs immediate attention when this occurs.

Leaking Fluid - If you detect a leak then you should call Value Transmission immediately. Leaking transmission fluids are an obvious sign that your transmission needs to be serviced. Taking care of this at the first notice may save you a considerable amount of money in future repairs.

Grinding / Tear Noises - If your notice unusual noises coming from your vehicle it can signal a number of transmission problems. It depends on your transmission type and several factors. Bringing it in for a diagnosis is the only way to be sure there isn't a serious underlying problem.

Manual transmission shifting: Since manual transmissions rely on a clutch and gear shifter to switch between gears, these two areas should be the first places to look for issues. If your clutch won't allow you to shift gears or your gear shifter simply won't go 'into gear', you need to immediately consider transmission repair before attempting to move the vehicle again.