Free Diagnostic Report

You know your car better than anyone else, but you may not know for sure if it is having transmission problems or not. This is why Value Transmission offers basic diagnostic services for your vehicle for absolutely free. We can offer you peace of mind by letting you know that nothing is wrong or that your vehicle's transmission problems can simply be fixed with one of our services.

If you are experiencing any of the following problems on any type vehicle, call us for an appointment today:

  • Your manual transmission refuses to go into the gear you want it to.
  • There is a burning smell that you have never noticed before.
  • Your vehicle moves out of the gear it was in when it shouldn't.
  • You hear a grinding sound when you push in the clutch pedal and try to switch gears.
  • Your vehicle shakes when it changes gears.
  • The engine sounds like it is going faster than your car is actually moving after the gears have been shifted.
  • Your car is making odd noises while it is in neutral.
  • You find a red liquid under your car or you are low on transmission fluid when you check it.

Advanced Diagnostics

If your transmission problems are from something more than just what changing the fluid can fix, Value Transmission also offers advanced diagnostic services to locate the specific problem. Once the problem is located, we strive to find ways to directly fix the problem; always leaving a complete transmission rebuild as the very last resort.

When you come to us for help with your transmission problems you can trust that Value Transmission will find the best solution possible for both your vehicle and your wallet.