Transaxle Repairs

Transaxles are used in front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. It combines both the transmission and differential into one assembly.

Transaxles are linked directly with the transmission system of the vehicle and, since transaxle repair cost can get higher the longer problems are allowed to persist, the transaxle needs to be taken care of. You can begin scheduling the check up for your vehicle if you can identify a problem by an early warning sign. It is possible to detect some problems in the transaxle from some symptoms. Listed here you'll find some common symptoms related to transaxle problems:

  • If you have noticed a rough shifting of your gears whole changing, you can consider it as the symptom of your transaxle malfunction. Drivers will notice a bumpy feeling while they are changing the gears due to such a problem in the transaxle.
  • Slipped or missed gears are another symptom of potential transaxle problems. This problem has been seen more often in the manual transmission than automatic transmissions.
  • A bad and burning smell is a common symptom for different problems of any motor vehicle, and transaxle problems are one of them. This burning smell occurs from the overheating of the transmission due to some problems in the transmission fluid. Two possible reasons are very common for such a problem: one is insufficient transmission fluid in the unit.
  • Noisy transmissions are another symptom which should alert you. You may have a Transaxle problem if you get some noise, even in the neutral gear.

We Repair Transaxles

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