Clutch Repair

If you drive stick shift, then you know at some point you may have to repair or replace your car's clutch. If you are noticing a grinding noise when your press the clutch pedal, looseness or shifting difficulty, then bring it in to Value Transmission for a professional diagnosis. Don't let a broken clutch ruin a good transmission system. Value Transmission Can Help:

  • Fix your broken clutch with a replacement service.
  • Diagnose clutch pedal, clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder problems.
  • Restore your clutch back to normal operation.
  • Check throw-out bearings and pilot bearings.
  • Inspect your hydraulic clutch operation

Drive Shaft Repairs

Drive shaft repairs are made extremely easy with Value Transmission, your Skokie and Chicagoland area full-service driveshaft repair professionals. We'll carefully diagnose your current transmission and look for these things before we repair drive shaft mechanisms for our customers:

  • Worn universal joints (U-joints)
  • Bent, out of balance or dented drive shafts
  • Check for proper lubrication of all areas of drive shaft
  • Check all nuts, bolts and fittings to ensure drive shaft is correctly secured

Value Transmission is an experienced, certified and full service transmission shop that takes care of every facet of your investment, including providing driveshaft repairs for your vehicle. Before a potentially bad mechanical problem gets worse, we suggest bringing your vehicle down to Value Transmission when any of the above driveshaft symptoms persist and you need to repair drive shaft parts immediately.