One of the more important needs of your car's forward movement is having differentials that work properly. A differential is a device that sends the proper amount of power down both sides of your axle. Using a series of gears directing the rotational power from the driveshaft, your differential is an extremely important facet and is an imminent necessity for your vehicle to correctly move about. You have front differentials and rear differentials underneath your vehicle.

  • Open differential - Referred to sometimes as 'slipping differentials', most stock vehicles have this type of differential allows for free slippage between both sides of an axle. These tend to offer the least traction of the three.
  • Limited-slip differential - Off road, luxury and high performance vehicles tend to offer this type of differential to offset the traction losses in open differentials. The slippage is minor compared to open differentials.
  • Locking differential - These differentials offer no slippage since the axle sides are 'locked' using toothed gears similar to that of manual transmissions. These differentials are generally reserved for off road vehicles since there is risk of considerable strain on the drivetrain should this differential get placed in normal street vehicles.

Recognizing Differential Issues

As with your transmission, the differential can have problematic issues that occur after excessive wear and tear. If you are curious as to whether your front or rear differentials are having issues, check for some common symptoms here:

  • You hear a high pitched 'whine' when accelerating
  • Your gears sound like they're grinding while shifting

Rear differential noise is easy to spot because of the sound you'll hear from behind you. Differential service is definitely needed before you snap them forcing a replacement.

We Change Axle Ratios

Value Transmission knows differentials very well and can service, repair and rebuild differentials. We are even equipped to install positraction differentials and change axle ratios. Many Skokie and surrounding area residents bring their vehicles to Value Transmission for a complete differential overhaul, simple rear differential repairs, or simply because they are experiencing a differential leak. No matter the reason, Value Transmission can get your car back on the road.